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We are a small highly experienced professional team providing accounting support & business improvement to businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs.

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We provide accountant services, business accounting, business tax planning, and personal taxes in the Broward county area, but we also have several customers across the USA. We also serve foreign clients who have business in the USA, and live abroad. So we are not limited to just the Broward county area. It’s really important to TaxAdvice LLc that we gain the trust of customers, and handle all of their accounting or tax issues when they are away.

In our years of experience and after working with lots of individuals, and business of various kinds and sizes, we’ve learned how important it is to have constant contact with the clients and build a trusting relationship. We take our accounting services a step further from the standard and we personally communicate with each and every one of our customers. Since we are involved in our client’s business, we are the first one who should know every important fact that might signal danger that my client cannot foresee.

Our very belief is that business accounting is lots more than just filing forms, writing papers, adding numbers, and paying taxes. We focus on providing complete financial and business accounting to all of our customers and assist in their success.