Our Fort Lauderdale tax accountants will be able to help reduce taxable income and provide advice on timing for certain transactions to minimize taxation.

TaxAdvice team of personal tax specialists have a wealth of experience in working alongside private individuals and providing them with bespoke tax management strategies based on their financial objectives.

Using our professional insight, we will work with you to ensure you have a clear and focused tax efficient structure that will meet all tax regulations.

Ft. Lauderdale Tax Preparation


Tax Preparation

Many small businesses, and individuals pay more taxes than they should simply because they have a bad accounting system.
Don’t let this be you or your company!

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Accounting Services

Having problems with your accountant? Do you feel stuck with your accountants sub-par work, and need guidance, we will help you out. We offer a Free Consultation.

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Payroll tax laws are always changing, so the employer must remain diligent. Employers are expected to follow the regulations or face penalties. Don’t worry any longer.

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Do you have any questions about your taxes we could help with?

We’re here to help you focus on running a profitable business by providing you with financial guidance, tax compliance information, business counseling and books and records that are above reproach.

Our accounting service offers valuable guidance to help you make cost-effective business decisions while minimizing your tax liability.

We analyze information that has been compiled from your books and records to ensure you are in compliance with regulating authorities, and that you are running your business in the most profitable manner.

What Records To Bring To Our Ft Lauderdale Office

Should you itemize your deductions or to use the standard deduction?

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What Records to Bring?

In order to quickly prepare and file your taxes, we need you to bring the appropriate income tax records, like your Social Security Cards, W-2s, 1099s, Mortgage statements, etc.

We have a list of items that will help you in organizing your records. Some or many of these items may not apply to you. Only bring the records that are applicable to your situation.what records to bring to our ft lauderdale office

Don’t Miss Important Tax Deductions